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Vol 91, No 7 (2019) Pure red cell aplasia of the bone marrow in combination with thymoma. A literature review and own data PDF
Petrenko A.A., Pivnik A.V., Dudina G.A., Dubnitskaya M.G.
Vol 86, No 6 (2014) Quality of life and cognitive functions in patients with end-stage renal failure on hemodialysis using a succinate-containing dialyzing solution
Smirnov A.V., Vasil'eva I.A., Nesterova O.B., Golubev R.V., Vasil'ev A.N., Korosteleva N.I., Starosel'skiĭ K.G.
Vol 79, No 4 (2004) Quality of life, clinical symptoms and nasa! passability in patients with allergic rhinitis
Emelyanov A.V., Trendeleva Т.Е.
Vol 78, No 10 (2003) Quality of life in gastroenterology: conception and research policy (a review)
Novik A.A., Ionova T.L., Denisov N.L.
Vol 84, No 12 (2012) Quality of life in patients with coronary heart disease associated with metabolic syndrome: Results of factor analysis
Kaliuzhin V.V., Tepliakov A.T., Riazantseva N.V., Bespalova I.D., Kamaev D.I., Kaliuzhina E.V.
Vol 89, No 9 (2017) Quality of life in patients with lower extremity atherosclerosis during standard treatment and therapeutic angiogenesis PDF
Chervyakov Y.V., Vlasenko O.N.
Vol 83, No 3 (2011) Quality of life in patients with moderate and severe bronchial asthma
Fridman I.L., Fridman I.L.
Vol 82, No 11 (2010) Quality of life indices in patients with chronic viral hepatitis
Beloborodova E.I., Lambrova E.G., Beloborodova E.V., Ostanko V.L., Alekseeva A.S., Kalacheva T.P., Livshits I.K., Chvyrina D.V., Beloborodova E.I., Lambrova E.G., Beloborodova E.V., Ostanko V.L., Alekseyeva A.S., Kalacheva T.P., Chvyrina D.V.
Vol 90, No 6 (2018) Quality of life of chronic kidney disease patients on renal replacement therapy PDF
Milovanov Y.S., Dobrosmyslov I.A., Milovanova S.Y., Taranova M.V., Milovanova L.Y., Fomin V.V., Kozlov V.V.
Vol 90, No 1 (2018) Quantitative assessment of adherence to treatment in patients with atrial fibrillation in real clinical practice PDF
Skirdenko J.P., Nikolaev N.A.
Vol 78, No 2 (2003) Quantitative assessment of protein replacement in therapeutic plasmapheresis
Kalinin N.N., Movshev В.Е., Hester D., Petrova V.I.
Vol 81, No 4 (2009) Quantitative repolarization indices in diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy in hypertensive patients
Sakhnova T.A., Blinova E.V., Sergakova L.M., Ataullakhanova D.M., Chazova I.E., Sakhnova T.A., Blinova E.V., Sergakova L.M., Ataullakhanova D.M., Chazova I.E.
Vol 94, No 10 (2022) Radioactive iodine in the treatment of Graves' disease: history and modern concept of radionuclide therapy PDF
Sheremeta M.S., Korchagina M.O., Pesheva E.D., Fadeev V.V.
Vol 86, No 5 (2014) Radiodiagnosis and knee joint replacement in hemophilic arthropathies in Kazakhstan residents
Abdrakhmanova Z.S., Rakhimzhanova R.I., Zhunusov E.T., Pivovarova I.A., Sultangereev A.B., Zagurskaia E.A., Kaldybaev M.M., Zhansagimova Z.S.
Vol 81, No 9 (2009) Radiofrequency ablation of the ectopic activity zone in a patient with long-standing chronic right-side inferioatrial tachycardia
Morozov I.A., Furman N.V., Oleynik G.S., Merkushova I.M., Morozov I.A., Furman N.V., Oleinik G.S., Merkushova I.M.
Vol 84, No 9 (2012) Radionuclide evaluation of renal function in essential hypertensive patients with chronic kidney disease
Musina N.S., Semenova R.I.
Vol 82, No 11 (2010) Raltegravir is the first HIV integrase inhibitor as part of antiretroviral treatment regimens
Kravchenko A.V., Kravchenko A.V.
Vol 79, No 4 (2004) RAMS academician Valentin Ivanovich Pokrovsky - the 75th anniversary of birth
- -.
Vol 80, No 6 (2008) Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis in anca-associated vasculitis: a course, treatment efficacy, prognosis
Tomilina N.A., Biriukova L.S., Egorova E.T., Sukhanov A.V., Stoliarevich E.S., Kupavtseva O.A., Fedorova N.D., Frolov A.V., Trushkin R.N., Kurenkova L.G.
Vol 79, No 12 (2004) Rating system in medical education
Elgarov A.A., Elgarova L.V.
Vol 93, No 8 (2021) Rational treatment of patients with functional dyspepsia PDF
Kazakov A.S., Zyryanov S.K., Ushkalova E.A., Nasretdinova E.K.
Vol 94, No 8 (2022) Rationale for choosing an antibiotic for the treatment of cystitis: recommendations of clinical pharmacologists: A review PDF
Yakovlev S.V., Suvorova M.P.
Vol 90, No 1 (2018) Realities and prospects of remote blood pressure monitoring in hypertensive patients PDF
Boytsov S.A.
Vol 91, No 2 (2019) Rebamipide increases the disaccharidases activity in patients with enteropathy with impaired membrane digestion. Pilot study PDF
Parfenov A.I., Belostotsky N.I., Khomeriki S.G., Akhmadullina O.V., Bykova S.V., Sabelnikova E.A., Dbar S.R.
Vol 92, No 4 (2020) Rebamipide using in gastroesophageal reflux disease treatment PDF
Ivashkin V.T., Trukhmanov A.S., Gonik M.I.
Vol 92, No 12 (2020) Rebamipide: evidence base for use in gastroenterology PDF
Andreev D.N., Maev I.V.
Vol 87, No 12 (2015) Rebamipide: New opportunities of gastroenteroprotection
Simanenkov V.I., Tikhonov S.V.
Vol 91, No 6 (2019) Recent advances in diagnosis and management of atrial fibrillation PDF
Mironov N.Y., Laiovich L.Y., Mironova E.S., Sharf T.V., Aparina O.P., Mironova N.A., Stukalova O.V., Yuricheva Y.A., Sokolov S.F., Novikov I.A., Maykov E.B., Pevzner A.V., Golitsyn S.P.
Vol 88, No 1 (2016) Recent trends in and new data on the epidemiology and prevention of non-communicable diseases PDF
Boytsov S.A.
Vol 89, No 10 (2017) Recombinant human parathyroid hormone in the therapy of hypoparathyroidism PDF
Eremkina A.K., Mokrysheva N.G., Kovaleva E.V., Krupinova Y.A.
Vol 92, No 12 (2020) Recommendations for the Protocol of functional examination of the anorectal zone and disorders classification: the International Anorectal Physiology Working Group consensus and Russian real-world practice PDF
Fomenko O.Y., Morozov S.V., Scott S., Knowles H., Morozov D.A., Shelygin Y.A., Maev I.V., Nikityuk D.B., Shkoda A.S., Kashnikov V.N., Bordin D.S., Isakov V.A., Biryukov O.M., Belousova S.V., Pimenova E.S., Rumiantsev A.S., Fedorov E.D., Gvozdev M.Y., Trukhmanov A.S., Storonova O.A., Indeykina L.H., Biryukova M.G., Andreev D.N., Kucheryavyy Y.A., Achkasov S.I.
Vol 78, No 5 (2003) Recurrence of gastropathies caused by administration of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs
Karateev A.Е.
Vol 82, No 7 (2010) Recurrences of acute promyelocytic leukemia in children: experience with arsenic trioxide therapy and autologous hemopoietic cell transplantation
Baidildina D.D., Maschan M.A., Skorobogatova E.V., Dubrovina M.E., Rumyantseva Y.V., Maschan A.A., Rumyantsev A.G., Samochatova E.V.
Vol 82, No 5 (2010) Recurrences of thromboses and hemorrhagic complications in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome during therapy with warfarin plus aspirin
Kondrat'eva L.V., Patrusheva N.L., Patrushev L.I., Aleksandrova E.N., Kovalenko T.F., Ostryakova E.V., Reshetnyak T.M., Kondratyeva L.V., Patrusheva N.L., Patrushev L.I., Aleksandrova E.N., Kovalenko T.F., Ostryakova E.V., Reshetnyak T.M.
Vol 88, No 3 (2016) Recurrent tracheal papillomatosis concurrent with asthma PDF
Korovkina E.S., Magarshak O.O.
Vol 83, No 8 (2011) Reforms of practical medicine in the course of the first scientific revolution (the XVII century 1770s). Communication 2: development and introduction of a new therapeutic-diagnostic conception
Stochik A.M., Zatravkin S.N., Stochik A.M., Zatravkin S.N.
Vol 83, No 7 (2011) Reforms of practical medicine in the course of the first scientific revolutions (the XVII century 1770s). Communication 1. Therapeutic-diagnostic Galen's conception and failure of its practical use
Stochik A.M., Zatravkin S.N., Stochik A.M., Zatravkin S.N.
Vol 93, No 1 (2021) Refractory and resistant hypertension in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: differences in metabolic profile and endothelial function PDF
Falkovskaya A.Y., Mordovin V.F., Pekarskiy S.E., Ripp T.M., Manukyan M.A., Lichikaki V.A., Zyubanova I.V., Sitkova E.S., Gusakova A.M., Ryabova T.R.
Vol 87, No 1 (2015) Refralon (niferidil) is a new class III antiarrhythmic agent for pharmacological cardioversion for persistent atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter
Maĭkov E.B., Iuricheva I.A., Mironov N.I., Sokolov S.F., Golitsyn S.P., Rozenshtraukh L.V., Chazov E.I.
Vol 94, No 11 (2022) Regional Vascular Center in a COVID-19 pandemic: what changed in 2020 compared to 2019 in patients with ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction? PDF
Syrkina A.G., Ryabov V.V.
Vol 82, No 1 (2010) Regulation of erythropoiesis in patients with suppressed hematopoiesis during mountain climatic treatment
Ismailova A.Z., Makeshova A.B., Eralieva M.O., Levina A.A., Mamukova Y.I., Raimzhanov A.R., Ismailova A.Z., Makeshova A.B., Eraliyeva M.O., Levina A.A., Mamukova Y.I., Raimzhanov A.R.
Vol 81, No 2 (2009) Regulators of fibrinolysis in chronic viral pathology of the liver
Yagoda A.V., Kopoy P.V., Yagoda A.V., Koroi P.V.
Vol 81, No 7 (2009) Regulatory mechanisms of iron metabolism in patients with acute leukemia
Makeshova A.B., Levina A.A., Mamukova Y.I., Savchenko V.G., Makeshova A.B., Levina A.A., Mamukova Y.I., Savchenko V.G.
Vol 94, No 7 (2022) Rehabilitation in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension PDF
Sagaydak O.V., Danilov N.M., Chazova I.E.
Vol 78, No 2 (2003) Rehabilitation of patients with gastroduodenal ulcer
Lazebnik L.В., Sukhareva G.V.
Vol 79, No 1 (2004) Rehabilitation treatment of convalescents after remorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the outpatient clinic
Pimenov L.Т., Vasilyev M.Y.
Vol 82, No 11 (2010) Relapsing fever borrelioses: forgotten and new ones
Platonov A.E., Maleev V.V., Karan' L.S., Platonov A.E., Maleyev V.V., Karan L.S.
Vol 90, No 1 (2018) Relapsing polychondritis in medical practice of dermatovenerologist PDF
Tlish M.M., Kuznetsova T.G., Naatyzh Z.Y., Psavok F.A., Irizilyan G.A., Tkachenko N.G.
Vol 87, No 11 (2015) Relapsing (recurrent) disease caused by Borrelia miyamotoi
Sarksyan D.S., Maleev V.V., Platonov A.E., Platonova O.V., Karan L.S.
Vol 83, No 9 (2011) Relationship between a concentration of lipoprotein-associated secretory phospholipase A2 and markers of subclinical atherosclerotic lesion of arterial wall in patients with low and moderate risk by SCORE scale
Urazalina S.Z., Titov V.N., Vlasik T.N., Balakhonova T.V., Karpov Y.A., Kukharchuk V.V., Boytsov S.A., Urazalina S.G., Titov V.N., Vlasik T.N., Balakhonova T.V., Karpov Y.A., Kukharchuk V.V., Boitsov S.A.
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