Pilot experience in the treatment of poor-prognosis primary diffuse large-B-cell lymphosarcoma of the bones and soft tissues with a modified program NHL-BFM-90

  • Authors: Morozova A.K.1, Zvonkov E.E.1, Kremenetskaya A.M.1, Magomedova A.U.1, Obukhova T.N.1, Mamonov V.E.1, Baryakh E.A.1, Gubkin A.V.1, Lukina A.I.1, Ilyushkina E.A.1, Fink O.S.1, Perestoronina T.N.1, Kravchenko S.K.1, Morosova AK1, Zvonkov EE1, Kremenetskaya AM1, Magomedova AU1, Obukhova TN1, Mamonov VE1, Baryakh EA1, Gubkin AV1, Lukina AI1, Ilyushkina EA1, Fink OS1, Perestoronina TN1, Kravchenko SK1
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  • Issue: Vol 81, No 7 (2009)
  • Pages: 61-65
  • Section: Editorial
  • URL: https://ter-arkhiv.ru/0040-3660/article/view/30405
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Aim. To evaluate efficacy of intensive modified program NHL-BFM-90 (mNHL-BFM-90) in adult poor-prognosis patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma (DLBCL) of the bones and soft tissues.
Material and methods. The mNHL-BFM-90 program was used in the treatment of 3 male and 2 female patients aged 17-69 years (median 42 years). Four patients had DLBCL of the bones and one patient - DLBCL of the soft tissues. All the patients had tumors more than 10 cm in size. B-symptoms, a high concentration of lactate dehydrogenase (LDG) were registered in 3 patients. One patient had stage IE by Ann-Arbor, two - stage IIE (involvement of regional lymph nodes), two - stage ME (multiple bone lesions). A total of 4-6 blocks of polychemotherapy according to mNHL-BFM-90 program were performed.
Results. Complete remissions were achieved in all the patients. They had no recurrences after 6 to 20 month (median 13 months) follow-up.
Conclusion. Positive results of the program mNHL-BFM-90 in poor-prognosis patients with DLBCL of the bones and tissues necessitate further studies of this therapy.

About the authors

Anna Konstantinovna Morozova

Email: annmo@mail.ru

Evgeniy Evgen'evich Zvonkov

Email: zvonkov@blood.ru

Aleksandra Mikhaylovna Kremenetskaya

Email: mtkalexandra@gmail.com

Aminat Umuraskhabovna Magomedova

Email: maminat@mail.ru

Tat'yana Nikiforovna Obukhova

Email: obukhova@blood.ru

Vasiliy Evgen'evich Mamonov

Email: vasil@blood.ru

Elena Aleksandrovna Baryakh

Email: baryakh@mail.ru

Andrey Vladimirovich Gubkin

Email: gubkin@blood.ru

Aleksandra Ivanovna Lukina

Email: aleksandra.lukina@gmail.com

Ekaterina Alekseevna Ilyushkina

Email: littlekatrin@mail.ru

Olesya Sergeevna Fink

Email: fonko@hotbox.ru

Tat'yana Nikolaevna Perestoronina

Email: t.perestoronina@mail.ru

Sergey Kirillovich Kravchenko

Email: krav@blood.ru

A K Morosova

E E Zvonkov

A M Kremenetskaya

A U Magomedova

T N Obukhova

V E Mamonov

E A Baryakh

A V Gubkin

A I Lukina

E A Ilyushkina

O S Fink

T N Perestoronina

S K Kravchenko


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