Pilot experience of using modified high-dose therapy NHL-BFM-90 in diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma with primary skin involvement. A case report

  • Authors: Zamyatina V.I.1, Magomedova A.U.1, Kravchenko S.K.1, Gilyazitdinova E.A.1, Ilyushkina E.A.1, Zvonkov E.E.1, Kaplanskaya I.B.1, Obukhova T.N.1, Klyasova G.A.1, Gorgidze L.A.1, Churakova Z.V.1, Kremenetskaya A.M.1, Vorob'ev A.I.1, Zamyatina VI1, Magomedova AU1, Kravchenko SK1, Gilyazitdinova EA1, Ilyushkina EA1, Zvonkov EE1, Kaplanskaya IB1, Obukhova TN1, Klyasova GA1, Gorgidze LA1, Churakova Z.V1, Kremenetskaya AM1, Vorobyev AI1
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  • Issue: Vol 81, No 7 (2009)
  • Pages: 71-75
  • Section: Editorial
  • URL: https://ter-arkhiv.ru/0040-3660/article/view/30421
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Primary skin large B-cell lymphosarcomas (PLBCL) present with skin lesions, other organs and systems are not involved. As CHOP courses are not high effective in PLBCL, we were the first to treat a patient with modified block therapy NHL BFM-90. A complete remission was achieved after the first course of polychemotherapy and was consolidated by two courses of treatment. Further follow-up is needed.

About the authors

Varvara Ivanovna Zamyatina

Email: w.zamatina@mail.ru

Aminat Umaraskhabovna Magomedova

Email: maminat@mail.ru

Sergey Kirillovich Kravchenko

Email: krav@blood.ru

Elena Aleksandrovna Gilyazitdinova

Email: lenagil@mail.ru

Elena Alekseevna Ilyushkina

Email: littlekatrin@mail.ru

Evgeniy Evgen'evich Zvonkov

Email: zvonkov@blood.ru

Irina Borisovna Kaplanskaya

Email: irinak@blood.ru

Tat'yana Nikiforovna Obukhova

Email: obukhova@blood.ru

Galina Aleksandrovna Klyasova

Lana Anzorovna Gorgidze

Zhanna Valentinovna Churakova

Aleksandra Mikhaylovna Kremenetskaya

Email: mtkalexandra@gmail.com

Andrey Ivanovich Vorob'ev

V I Zamyatina

A U Magomedova

S K Kravchenko

E A Gilyazitdinova

E A Ilyushkina

E E Zvonkov

I B Kaplanskaya

T N Obukhova

G A Klyasova

L A Gorgidze

Zh V Churakova

A M Kremenetskaya

A I Vorobyev


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