Issue Title Abstract File
Vol 84, No 11 (2012) Effectiveness of the hepatoprotective activity of reamberine, remaxol, and ademethionine and risk assessment in their use in patients with respiratory tuberculosis and drug-induced liver injury Abstract
Sukhanov D.S.
No 8 (2003) Effects of a compound drug pumpan on exercise tolerance and clinicalcourse of ischemic heart disease Abstract
Krasnitsky V.В., Aronov D.M., Zhidko N.I.
Vol 80, No 12 (2008) Effects of age-related androgen deficiency on clinicopsychological characteristics of patients with ischemic heart disease Abstract
Kravchenko A.Y., Provotorov V.M., Kravchenko A.Y., Provotorov V.M.
Vol 84, No 1 (2012) Effects of anomalous rise of air temperature on population mortality Abstract
Chazov E.I., Boytsov S.A., Chazov E.I., Boitsov S.A.
Vol 79, No 2 (2004) Effects of berotek nebuliser treatment on external respiration function, bronchial permeability (BP), hemodynamics (HD), acid-alkaline balance (AAB), oxygen saturation (OS) and their circadian chronostructure in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Abstract
Zaslavskaya R.M., Veklenko G.V., Akhmetov K.Z., Teiblyum M.M.
Vol 79, No 9 (2004) Effects of carvedilol, atenolol and their combination with fosinopril on cardiac rhythm variability, clinicofunctional status and quality of life in patients with postinfarction left ventricular dysfunction Abstract
Teplyakov А.Т., Popov S.V., Kalyuzhin V.V., Garganeeva A.A., Kurlov I.O., Nilogov V.L., Rybalchenko E.V., Shilov S.N.
No 8 (2003) Effects of combined psychocorrectionon dynamics of pain syndrome and psychological status ofpatients with spinal osteochondrosis Abstract
Zaitsev V.P., Tyurina O.G., Aivazyan T.A., Gorbunov F.E., Maslovskaya S.G.
Vol 78, No 1 (2003) Effects of combined treatment ' with enalapril maleate and hypothiazide on structural-functional state of red cell membranes in hypertensive patients Abstract
Kuryata A.V., Geichenko V.P.
Vol 80, No 12 (2008) Effects of combined treatment with rosiglitazone and NPH insulin on carbohydrate metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Abstract
Kandalintseva O.A., Ametov A.S., Kandalintseva O.A., Ametov A.S.
Vol 80, No 12 (2008) Effects of different treatments on endothelial function in patients with erectile dysfunction and hypogonadism Abstract
Mazo E.B., Gamidov S.I., Sotnikova E.M., Mazo E.B., Gamidov S.I., Sotnikova E.M.
Vol 78, No 3 (2003) Effects of drugs and acupuncture on the parameters of a bioenergogram in patients with bronchial asthma Abstract
Aleksandrova R.A., Fedoseev G.В., Korotkov K.G., Filippova N.A., Zaitsev S.V., Karelina I.O., Lubeeva O.A., Petrovsky I.D., Pyagai E.I.
Vol 79, No 12 (2004) Effects of exercise on markers of hemostatic activation inyoung survivors of myocardial infarction Abstract
Vitsenya M.V., Noeva E.A., Titaeva E.V., Dobrovolsky A.B.
Vol 79, No 8 (2004) Effects of interferon therapy onfunctional activity of platelets in chronic viral hepatitis andcirrhosis of the liver Abstract
Yagoda A.V., Koroi P.V.
Vol 81, No 2 (2009) Effects of laser reflex therapy on a motor function of the gall bladder and physical properties of bile in patients with chronic acalculous cholecystitis Abstract
Bupduli N.M., Panyuk L.G., Burduli N.M., Ranyuk L.G.
Vasilyev A.P., Senatorov Y.N., Streltsova N.N., Malishevsky M.V., Dubova T.V., Zykova E.L.
No 1 (2009) Effects of metabolic syndrome on the phenomenon of electrophysiological atrioventricular conduction curve gap in the course of programmed transesophageal pacing Abstract
Provotorov V.M., Glukhovskiy M.L., Provotorov V.M., Glukhovsky M.L.
Vol 78, No 9 (2003) Effects of p-blockers metoprolol CR/XL andcarvedilol on left ventricular contractility in patients withchronic cardiac failure Abstract
Syrkin A.L., Kukes V.G., Poltavskaya M.G., Andreev D.A., Arefyeva А.В., Teplonogova E.V., Konova I.A., Rykova M.S.
Vol 78, No 5 (2003) Effects of pulse-therapy on natural anticoagulant system of the endothelium in nonspecific aortoarteritis Abstract
Guryeva M.S., Baranov A.A., Bagrakova S.V., Nasonov E.L., Zharikova D.G.
Vol 81, No 6 (2009) Effects of recurrent herpetic infection on functional activity of T-cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Abstract
Sviridova V.S., Kologrivova E.N., Pronina N.A., Eliseeva L.V., Naslednikova I.O., Sviridova V.S., Kologrivova E.N., Pronina N.A., Eliseeva L.V., Naslednikova I.O.
Vol 81, No 5 (2009) Effects of renin-angiotensin system blockers on left ventricular hypertrophy and biochemical markers of collagen balance in patients with hypertensive hypertrophy Abstract
Ovchinnikov A.G., Serbul V.M., Ageev F.T., Ovchinnikov A.G., Serbul V.M., Ageev F.T.
Vol 79, No 1 (2004) Effects of secondary prevention on quality of life of old patients at local sanatorium of the War Veterans Rehabilitation Center Abstract
Geller V.L., Chukreev A.N., Usoltsev В.G., Alexandrov М.V., Sevastiyanova G.I., Gudkov N.V., Bursikov A.V.
Vol 78, No 3 (2003) Effects of the long-acting garlic tablets "Allicor" on the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections in children Abstract
Andrianova I.V., Sobenin I.A., Sereda E.V., Borodina L.I., Studenikin M.I.
Vol 78, No 9 (2003) Effects of trimetazidine and perindopril on myocardialfunction and metabolism in postmyocardial infarction patients with cardiac failure Abstract
Shabrov A.V., Arkharov I.V., Burbello А.Т., Makhnov A.P.
Vol 81, No 3 (2009) Effects of β1-adrenoblocker bisoprolol on endothelial dysfunction in patients with stable angina pectoris in combination with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Abstract
Grigor'eva N.Y., Sharabrin E.G., Kuznetsov A.N., Mazalov K.V., Kontorshchikova K.N., Koroleva E.F., Grigorieva N.Y., Sharabrin E.G., Kuznetsov A.N., Mazalov K.V., Kontorschikova K.N., Koroleva E.F.
Vol 79, No 10 (2004) Effects ofprognostic parameters and radiotherapy on survival of patients with pulmonary cancer Abstract
Yuozaitite E., Inchura A., Sakalauskas R., Valius L.
Vol 80, No 5 (2008) Efficacy and safety of bivalos therapy for postmenopausal osteoporosis. results of russian multicenter trial Abstract
Rozhinskaia L.I., Arapova S.D., Dzeranova L.K., Molitvoslovova N.N., Marova E.I., Il'in A.V., Benevolenskaia L.I., Nikitinskaia O.A., Korotkova T.A., Toroptsova N.V., Smirnov A.V., Demin N.V., Rodionova S.S., Buklemeshev I.V., Shumskiĭ A.A.
Vol 81, No 8 (2009) Efficacy and safety of CSA withdrawal in children late after kidney transplantation Abstract
Kaabak M.M., Babenko N.N., Molchanova E.A., Zokoev A.K., Kurakina Z.I., Goryaynov V.A., Minina M.G., Akhmetshin R.B., Kaabak M.M., Babenko N.N., Molchanova E.A., Zokoev A.K., Kurakina L., Goryainov V.A., Minina M.G., Akhmetshin R.B.
Vol 79, No 8 (2004) Efficacy and safety of hydrogen sulfide balneotherapy in ischemic heart disease in the arid zone Abstract
Zunnunov Z.R.
Vol 87, No 5 (2015) Efficacy and safety of intravenous methylprednisolone in the treatment of patients with active ankylosing spondylitis: Results of a 12-week, prospective, open-label, pilot (METALL) study Abstract
Gaydukova I.Z., Rebrov A.P., Poddubnyi D.A.
Vol 91, No 2 (2019) Efficacy and safety of long-term therapy with nucleos(t)ide analogues in chronic hepatitis B Abstract PDF
Ibragimov E.K., Abdurakhmanov D.T., Rozina T.P., Nikulkina E.N., Tanaschuk E.L., Odintsov A.V., Panevkina S.V., Moiseev S.V.
Vol 91, No 8 (2019) Efficacy and safety of narlaprevir/ritonavir and daclatasvir non interferon combination in population of Russian patients with chronic hepatitis C Abstract PDF
Klimova E.A., Burnevich E.Z., Chulanov V.P., Gusev D.A., Znoyko O.O., Batskikh S.N., Kizlo S.N., Mamonova N.A., Tarkhova E.P., Krasavina E.N., Samsonov M.Y., Yushchuk N.D.
Vol 85, No 5 (2013) Efficacy and safety of sildenafil in patients with systemic scleroderma Abstract
Alekperov R.T., Anan'eva L.P., Korzeneva E.G., Cheremukhina E.O.
Vol 83, No 4 (2011) Efficacy and safety of the first made in Russia alpha, beta long-acting adrenoblocker proxodolol in patients with arterial hypertension of the second degree Abstract
Belyaeva S.A., Belyaeva S.A.
No 8 (2003) Efficacy and safety of the TAIS coronary stent implantation: nine monthmuticenter study Abstract
Samko A.N., Belenkov Y.N., Batyraliev T.A., Pershukov I.V., Niyazova-Karben Z.A., Sercelik A., Calenici O., Karaus A., Guler N., Eryonucu В., Kadayifci S., Temamogullari A., Ozgul S., Akgul F., Levitsky I.V., Besnili F., Sozykin A.V., Arful F., Jamgyrchiev S.Т., Tiryaki В., Daniyarov B.S., Demirbas O., Sengul H.
Vol 90, No 8 (2018) Efficacy and safety of the use of rebamipide in the scheme of triple eradication therapy of Helicobacter pylori infection: a prospective randomized comparative study Abstract PDF
Andreev D.N., Maev I.V., Dicheva D.T., Samsonov A.A., Partzvania-Vinogradova E.V.
No 8 (2003) Efficacy and safetyof different p-blockers in patients with isolated systolic hypertension, associated with diabetes mellitus and obstructive pulmonary diseases Abstract
Kukes V.G., Ostroumova O.D., Mamaev V.I., Batutina A.M., Abakumov Y.E., Zykova A.A.
Vol 90, No 5 (2018) Efficacy and tolerability of abatacept treatment: results of 12 months observation Abstract PDF
Borisova M.A., Lukina G.V., Sigidin Y.A., Aronova E.S., Luchihina E.L., Karateev D.E., Glukhova S.V., Nasonov E.L.
Vol 90, No 6 (2018) Efficacy and tolerability of certolizumab pegol in Crohn's disease in clinical practice Abstract PDF
Knyazev O.V., Kagramanova A.V., Lishchinskaya A.A., Samsonova N.G., Orlova N.V., Rogozina V.A., Parfenov A.I.
Vol 79, No 12 (2004) Efficacy and tolerance of stepwise therapy withmovalis in rheumatic diseases Abstract
Tsvetkova E.S.
Vol 90, No 11 (2018) Efficacy of 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in healthcare workers Abstract PDF
Shpagina L.A., Kotova O.S., Shpagin I.S., Loktin E.M., Rukavitsyna A.A., Kuznetsova G.V., Kamneva N.V., Laletina M.A.
Vol 89, No 7 (2017) Efficacy of a bendamustine and rituximab combination in first-line therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia: Results of the BEN-001 study Abstract PDF
Stadnik E.A., Strugov V.V., Andreeva T.O., Virts Y.V., Rumyantsev A.M., Mirolyubova Y.V., Butylin P.A., Zaritsky A.Y.
Vol 79, No 8 (2004) Efficacy of a complementaryantiinflammatory treatment with erespal in chronic obstructive and non-obstructive bronchitis Abstract
Volkova L.I., Budkova A.A., Filonova N.N., Khristolyubova E.I., Kutuzova E.В., Koroleva N.V., Radzivil Т.Т., Aminova Z.R., Chuchalin A.G.
Vol 79, No 4 (2004) Efficacy of a cytoprotector mexicor in urgent cardiology Abstract
Golikov A.P., Mikhin V.P., Polumiskov V.Y., Boitsov S.A., Bogoslovskaya E.N., Veselyeva N.V., Lukyanov M.M., Rudnev D.V., Frolov A.A.
Vol 86, No 12 (2014) Efficacy of a fixed-dose combination of perindopril and amlodipine in the treatment of hypertensive patients. A clinical case Abstract
Poteshkina N.G., Khashieva F.M.
Vol 89, No 2 (2017) Efficacy of adalimumab for Crohn’s disease in real clinical practice Abstract PDF
Knyazev O.V., Kagramanova A.V., Ruchkina I.N., Fadeeva N.A., Lishchinskaya A.A., Boldyreva O.N., Zhulina E.Y., Shcherbakov P.L., Orlova N.V., Kirova M.V., Parfenov A.I.
Vol 85, No 9 (2013) Efficacy of Adaptol and the possibility of its differential use in patients with anxiety disorders after myocardial infarction Abstract
Shilina N.N., Statsenko M.E., Sporova O.E., Lempert B.A.
Vol 78, No 1 (2003) Efficacy of anti-inflammatory treatment with benacort of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in exacerbation Abstract
Kolesnikov V.V., Korolchuk I.S.
Vol 90, No 8 (2018) Efficacy of Arbidol in the prevention of virus-induced exacerbations of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Abstract PDF
Titova O.N., Petrova M.A., Shklyarevich N.A., Kuzubova N.A., Aleksandrov A.L., Kovaleva L.F., Kozyrev A.G., Kulikov V.D.
Vol 83, No 1 (2011) Efficacy of balneotherapy in cholelithiasis Abstract
Gorbunov A.Y., Vakhrushev Y.M., Gorbunov A.Y., Vakhrushev Y.M.
Vol 84, No 12 (2012) Efficacy of ceruloplasmin in patients with asthma Abstract
Farkhutdinov U.R., Farkhutdinov S.U.
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