Issue Title Abstract File
Vol 84, No 10 (2012) The specific features of the clinical picture and course of familial dilated cardiomyopathy Abstract
Kurbanov N.A., Kurbanov R.D., Abdullaev T.A.
Vol 86, No 3 (2014) The specific features of the immunophenotype of blast cells in patients with de novo normal karyotype acute myeloid leukemia and FLT3-ITD mutation Abstract
Gritsaev S.V., Martynkevich I.S., Chubukina Z.V., Petrova E.V., Kostroma I.I., Ivanova M.P., Martynenko L.S., Potikhonova N.A., Bubnova L.N., Abdulkadyrov K.M.
Vol 79, No 4 (2004) The spectrum and activity of urinary Ig-proteinases as a marker of chronic pyelonephritis Abstract
Zinkevich О.D., Glushko Y.A., Safina N.A., Tyurin Y.A.
Vol 89, No 11 (2017) The spectrum of primary drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in patients with tuberculosis in relation to human immunodeficiency virus status Abstract PDF
Zimina V.N., Mikova O.E., Varetskaya T.A., Oborin D.A., Degtyareva S.Y., Sergevnin V.I.
Vol 88, No 1 (2016) The stages of development of cardiovascular diseases and the evolution of their pattern in the veterans of the Great Patriotic War (according to the 1946-2015 records of the Saint Petersburg War Veterans Hospital) Abstract PDF
Kabanov M.Y., Shvartsman Z.D., Ageenko E.M., Zaitsev Y.E., Semenova I.L.
Vol 87, No 10 (2015) The state of the great arteries in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome Abstract
Oleynikov V.E., Sergatskaya N.V., Gusakovskaya L.I., Khromova A.A.
Vol 91, No 2 (2019) The state of the immune system in abdominal sepsis Abstract PDF
Koshelev R.V., Vatazin A.V., Zulkarnayev A.B., Faenko A.P.
Vol 78, No 12 (2003) The state of theleft ventricle of the heart and 24-h profile of arterial pressure in patients with effort angina and episodes of painlessmyocardial ischemia Abstract
Mazur E.S., Mazur V.V., Tkhind В., Omar I.
Vol 88, No 4 (2016) The status of large vessels in overweight and obesity according to ultrasound findings Abstract PDF
Khovaeva Y.B., Batalova A.A., Golovskoy B.V., Gerasimova А.V.
Vol 84, No 2 (2012) The study of cholelithiasis prevalence basing on prognostic investigation of hepatobiliary diseases Abstract
Khokhlacheva N.A., Gorbunov A.Y., Vakhrushev Y.M., Khokhlacheva N.A., Gorbunov A.Y., Vakhrushev Y.M.
Vol 92, No 4 (2020) The study of myocardial perfusion by cardiac volumetric computed tomography, combined with adenosine triphosphate test, in a patient with painless myocardial ischemia and atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries Abstract PDF
Soboleva G.N., Gaman S.A., Ternovoy S.K., Karpov Y.A., Minasyan A.A., Shariya M.A., Shitov V.N., Mironov V.M.
Vol 81, No 7 (2009) The study of parameters of mesenchymal stromal cells differentiation in donors and patients with aplastic anemia Abstract
Svinareva D.A., Petrova T.V., Shipunova (Nifontova) I.N., Momotyuk K.S., Mikhaylova E.A., Drize N.I., Svinareva D.A., Petrova T.V., Shipunova (Nifontova) I.N., Momotyuk K.S., Mikhailova E.A., Drize N.I.
Vol 82, No 12 (2010) The survival and sequestration of transfused donor platelets in cytostatic cytopenias Abstract
Migunova E.V., Sakhibov Y.D., Ryzhko V.V., Sorkina O.M., Sagdieva N.S., Gemdzhyan E.G., Migunova E.V., Sakhibov Y.D., Ryzhko V.V., Sorkina O.M., Sagdiyeva N.S., Gemdzhyan E.G.
Vol 78, No 10 (2003) The test for nitric oxide metabolites in the exhaled aircondensate as a method of assessing NO-reactivity of theairways in patients with bronchial asthma Abstract
Geltser B.I., Peteshova E.E., Kochetkova E.A., Eliseeva E.V.
Vol 79, No 12 (2004) The textbook by V. I.Pokrovsky, S. G. Pak, N. I. Briko, В. К. Danilkin "Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology". Control Tests for Self-Education. Supplement for the text book Abstract
Shkarin V.V., Kovalishena О.V.
Vol 86, No 1 (2014) The therapeutic efficacy of cycloferon and the pharmacological activity of interferon inhibitors Abstract
Romantsov M.G., Ershov F.I., Kovalenko A.L., Belova O.G.
Vol 81, No 5 (2009) The thrombolysis in myocardial infarction (TIMI) study group experience Abstract
Braunval'd E., Braunwald E.
Vol 82, No 9 (2010) The topical issues of the terminology, classification, and statistics of acute forms of ischemic heart disease Abstract
Boytsov S.A., Yakushin S.S., Nikulina N.N., Boitsov S.A., Yakushin S.S., Nikulina N.N.
Vol 92, No 8 (2020) The treatment of tuberculosis under current conditions Abstract PDF
Sinitsyn M.V., Kalinina M.V., Belilovskiy E.M., Galstyan A.S., Reshetnikov M.N., Plotkin D.V.
Vol 82, No 7 (2010) The use of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation and immunosuppressive therapy in the treatment of patients with acquired aplastic anemia Abstract
Ganapiyev A.A., Golubovskaya I.K., Zalyalov Y.R., Estrina M.A., Afanasyev B.V.
Vol 87, No 8 (2015) The use of cardiointervalography for diagnostic screening and evaluation of the efficiency of correction of magnesium deficiency and comorbid conditions Abstract
Egorova E.Y., Torshin I.Y., Gromova O.A., Martynov A.I.
Vol 92, No 1 (2020) The use of nonsteroidal anti - inflammatory drugs in polymorbid pathology Abstract PDF
Asfandiyarova N.S., Philippov E.V.
Vol 91, No 2 (2019) The use of Tofacitinib in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease Abstract PDF
Nasonov E.L., Abdulganieva D.I., Fairushina I.F.
Vol 92, No 6 (2020) The value of bone mineral density assessment by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry for prediction of cardiovascular mortality in patients treated with hemodialysis Abstract PDF
Mazurenko S.O., Nakatis Y.A., Enkin A.A., Staroselsky K.G., Vasiliev A.N., Mazurenko O.G., Soin P.V., Ermolaeva L.G., Ivanov I.G.
Vol 91, No 4 (2019) The value of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in myocarditis with different clinical presentation Abstract PDF
Stukalova O.V., Gupalo E.M., Chumachenko P.V., Samko A.N., Butorova E.A., Shakhnovich R.M., Mironova N.A., Narusov O.Y., Safiullina A.A., Golitsyn S.P., Ternovoy S.K., Chazova I.E.
Vol 85, No 11 (2013) The value of changes in CD8+CD28+ and CD4+CD28+ cells in patients with HIV infection concurrent with tuberculosis during treatment Abstract
Popova A.A., Kravchenko A.V., Kozhevnikova G.M., Zimina V.N.
Vol 91, No 11 (2019) The value of mucosal small intestine microbiota in digestion and absorption disorders in metabolic syndrome Abstract PDF
Lyapina M.V., Vakhrushev Y.M.
Vol 88, No 12 (2016) The values of cardio-ankle vascular and ankle-brachial indices in patients with carbohydrate metabolic disorders: The ESSE-RF study in the Kemerovo Region Abstract PDF
Sumin A.N., Bezdenezhnykh N.A., Fedorova N.V., Shcheglova A.V., Indukaeva E.V., Artamonova G.V.
Vol 85, No 10 (2013) The vascular wall in postmenopausal women with hypothyroidism and hypertension Abstract
Riabtseva O.I., Orlova I.A., Blankova Z.N., Chazova T.E., Ageev F.T.
Vol 81, No 2 (2009) The VIII Congress of Gastroenterology Society of Russia Abstract
Sabel'nikova E.A., Papfenov A.I., Sabelnikova E.A., Parfenov A.I.
Vol 89, No 11 (2017) The virus-immune hypothesis for cardiac dilatation Abstract PDF
Kozhevnikov M.L., Shipulin V.M., Sukhodolo I.V.
Vol 83, No 2 (2011) The X congress of the Russian Gastroenterological Society Abstract
Bordin D.S., Bordin D.S.
Vol 84, No 2 (2012) The XI Congress of the Russian Gastroenterological Society, the XXXVII session of the Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology Abstract
Bordin D.S., Bordin D.S.
Vol 92, No 4 (2020) The «obesity paradox» and its degree of proof Abstract PDF
Miklisanskaya S.V., Mazur N.A., Solomasova L.V., Chigineva V.V.
Vol 91, No 5 (2019) The сhanges of bone mineral density on the risk of progression of osteoarthritis of the knee Abstract PDF
Kashevarova N.G., Taskina E.A., Alekseeva L.I., Demin N.V., Lila A.M., Nasonov E.L.
Vol 78, No 11 (2003) Thepathogenesis of sepsis: Current aspects Abstract
Grachev S.V., Pak S.G., Malov V.A., Gorodnova Y.A.
Vol 91, No 9 (2019) Therapeutic aspects of the choice of antithrombotic therapy in patients with multifocal lesions of peripheral arteries Abstract PDF
Oynotkinova O.S., Nikonov E.L., Kryukov E.V., Baranov A.P.
No 8 (2003) Therapeutic efficacy of imatinibmesilate (glivek) in chronic phase of myeloid leukemia Abstract
Turkina A.G., Khoroshko N.D., Druzhkova G.A., Zingerman В.V., Zakharova E.S., Chelysheva E.Y., Vmogradova O.Y., Domracheva E.V., Zakharova A.V., Kovaleva L.G., Kolosheinova T.I., Kolosova L.Y., Zkuravleva V.S., Tikhonova L.Y.
Vol 78, No 9 (2003) Therapeutic efficiency oflow-intensity laser radiation used in combination with actovegin in indolent gastroduodenal ulcers Abstract
Vakhrushev Y.M., Shkatova E.Y.
Vol 85, No 7 (2013) Therapeutic strategy for chronic myeloid leukemia: possibilities and prospects Abstract
Turkina A.G., Chelysheva E.I.
Vol 78, No 3 (2003) Therapeutical capacities of intranasal glucocorticoids in patients with allergic rhinitis Abstract
Yemelyanov A.V., Krasnoshchekova O.I., Trendeleva T.Y.
Vol 80, No 8 (2008) Therapy as a base of national health promotion. issues of medical ethics Abstract
Khrustalev I.M.
Vol 89, No 12-2 (2017) Therapy for acute/subacute musculoskeletal pain: results of the ATUSA (Analgesic Treatment Using a Systemic Algorithm) observational study Abstract
Karateev A.E., Alekseeva L.I., Tsurgan A.V., Gontarenko N.V.
Vol 87, No 7 (2015) Therapy for Burkitt’s lymphoma according to the BL-M-04 protocol: 12-year experience Abstract
Baryakh E.A., Tyurina N.G., Vorobyev V.I., Gemdzhyan E.G., Mangasarova Y.K., Klyasova G.A., Kovrigina A.M., Obukhova T.N., Zvonkov E.E., Vernyuk M.A., Chervontseva A.M., Polyakov Y.Y., Misyurina А.Е., Valiev T.T., Zherebtsova V.A., Magomedova A.U., Galstyan G.M., Yatskov K.V., Nesterova E.S., Vorobyev A.I., Kravchenko S.K.
Vol 88, No 7 (2016) Therapy for primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma in accordance with the R-DA-EPOCH-21 program: The first results Abstract PDF
Mangasarova Y.K., Magomedova A.U., Nesterova E.S., Volodicheva E.M., Vorobyev V.I., Kravchenko S.K.
Vol 83, No 8 (2011) Therapy of acute massive blood loss in a hemophiliac male: case report Abstract
Bulanov A.Y., Shulutko E.M., Karpov E.E., Polyanskaya T.Y., Mishin G.V., Morozov S.A., Kalinin N.N., Tochenov A.V., Yatskov K.V., Zorenko V.Y., Sampiev M.S., Bulanov A.Y., Shulutko E.M., Karpov E.E., Polyanskaya T.Y., Mishin G.V., Morozov S.A., Kalinin N.N., Tochenov A.V., Yatskov K.V., Zorenko V.Y., Sampiev M.S.
Vol 79, No 5 (2004) Therapy of acute radicular syndrome with application of glucocorticoids in a pain relief department practice Abstract
Gnezdilov A.V., Zagorulko О.I., Syrovegin A.V., Medvedeva L.A.
Vol 92, No 6 (2020) Thermal heliox proteome. High-temperature heliox does not cause destruction of human respiratory system cells Abstract PDF
Varfolomeev S.D., Panin A.A., Ryabokon A.M., Kozyr A.S., Kononikhin A.S., Shogenova L.V., Chuchalin A.G.
Vol 79, No 8 (2004) Thiaside diuretics in combination with inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 comorbid with arterial hypertension Abstract
Chazova I.E., Mychka V.В., Duishvili D.E.
Vol 78, No 12 (2003) Thiotropium bromide in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Abstract
Shmelev E.I.
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