History of medicine

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Vol 94, No 5 (2022) Classification of systemic vasculitis: evolution from eponyms to modern criteria PDF
Bulanov N.M., Novikov P.I., Litvinova M.A., Moiseev S.V.
Vol 94, No 4 (2022) Pages from the history of therapeutic schools of the Central Institute for Improvement of Doctors – Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education PDF
Sychev D.A., Osadchuk A.M., Loranskaya I.D., Ebzeeva E.Y.
Vol 94, No 3 (2022) Comments on the article by Professor Dmitry D. Pletnev “Hypertension (the experience of analyzing its genesis)” PDF
Baranova I.A.
Vol 94, No 2 (2022) The history of the discovery of the Helicobacter pylori PDF
Bordin D.S., Shengelia M.I., Ivanova V.A., Voynovan I.N.
Vol 94, No 1 (2022) Legionnaires disease: history of the discovery, the main stages of the study pathogen and infection PDF
Tartakovsky I.S., Maleev V.V.
Vol 93, No 12 (2021) Ulcerative colitis. To the 180th anniversary of the description by Karl Rokytansky PDF
Knyazev O.V., Kagramanova A.V., Parfenov A.I.
Vol 93, No 11 (2021) History of the discovery and study of tick-borne encephalitis in Russia: three Far Eastern expeditions (1937–1939) PDF
Kolyasnikova N.M., Zlobin V.I., Ishmukhametov A.A., Maleev V.V.
Vol 93, No 10 (2021) The Rehberg–Tareev test in assessing the glomerular filtration rate PDF
Bobkova I.N., Kamyshova E.S., Chebotareva N.V.
Vol 93, No 9 (2021) History and perspectives of the defibrillation PDF
Isaev G.O., Vasin A.А., Mironova O.I.
Vol 93, No 8 (2021) Methodical abdominal palpation: the history of the development of the method PDF
Banzelyuk E.N., Borodulin V.I., Pashkov K.A., Topolyanskiy A.V.
Vol 93, No 7 (2021) Gaucher disease: achievements and prospects PDF
Ponomarev R.V., Lukina E.A.
Vol 93, No 6 (2021) Scientific activity and the fate of print works of Professor G.A. Zakhar’in PDF
Panferov A.S., Blagova O.V.
Vol 93, No 5 (2021) Consent. Modern interpretation: "Voluntary Informed Consent" PDF
Chuchalin A.G.
Vol 93, No 4 (2021) From palpation of the pulse to cuff-free methods: evolution of arterial pressure measurement methods PDF
Solnceva T.D., Sivakova O.A., Chazova I.E.
Vol 93, No 3 (2021) On the 95th anniversary of the first description of right ventricular myocardial infarction PDF
Chuchalin A.G., Bobkov E.V.
Vol 93, No 2 (2021) Historical milestones in the knowledge of celiac disease: on the 80th anniversary of the discovery of W.-K. Dike of the аgluten diet PDF
Parfenov A.I.
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