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Kaplanskaya, I B

Issue Section Title File
Vol 80, No 12 (2008) Editorial Hair cell leukemia in young patients
Vol 81, No 7 (2009) Editorial High-dose polychemotherapy of patients with poor-prognosis anaplastic T.0-large cell ALK+ lymphosarcoma
Vol 81, No 7 (2009) Editorial Diagnosis and treatment of skin T-cell lymphoma undergoing transformation in lymphosarcoma
Vol 81, No 7 (2009) Editorial Pilot experience of using modified high-dose therapy NHL-BFM-90 in diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma with primary skin involvement. A case report
Vol 81, No 7 (2009) Editorial Tumor development from follicular dendritic cells in a hyaline-vascular variant of Castleman's disease
Vol 82, No 3 (2010) Editorial A case of hemolytic-uremic syndrome with the development of catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome: Diagnosis and clinical tactics
Vol 82, No 7 (2010) Editorial Prolonged bone marrow aplasias in patients with acute leukemias after chemotherapy
Vol 82, No 7 (2010) Editorial Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with primary involvement of mediastinal lymph nodes: diagnosis and treatment
Vol 82, No 8 (2010) Editorial Efficiency of cyclosporin A therapy in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome
Vol 82, No 7 (2010) Editorial Hereditary spherocytic hemolytic anemia in an adult with the formation of ectopic foci of extramedullary hemopoiesis in the chest
Vol 82, No 12 (2010) Editorial Acute abdominal syndrome in blood system diseases
Vol 82, No 12 (2010) Editorial Study of bone marrow microvessel density is one of the diagnostic approaches in patients with Ph-negative chronic myeloproliferative diseases
Vol 83, No 3 (2011) Editorial Development of acute myeloid leukemia from donor cells after allogenic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in a female patient with acute monoblastic leukemia
Vol 83, No 7 (2011) Editorial Nine-year experience in the treatment of patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma
Vol 78, No 7 (2003) Editorial T-cell tumors withaplastic syndromes
Vol 78, No 7 (2003) Editorial Morphological, morphometrical andimmunophenotyping characteristics of primary mediastinalB-cell lymphosarcoma
Vol 78, No 7 (2003) Editorial Factors of an unfavourable prognosis in patients withB-cell chronic lymphoid leukemia: a retrospective analysisof 206 cases
Vol 78, No 7 (2003) Editorial Several malignant tumors in one patient for 16 years

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