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Moiseev, S V

Issue Section Title File
Vol 78, No 6 (2003) Editorial Ischemic disease of the kidneys
Vol 78, No 6 (2003) Editorial Nephrological aspects of congestivecardiac failure
Vol 79, No 6 (2004) Editorial Cardiorenai interactions: ciinicai indications and roie in pathogenesis of cardiovascular and renal diseases
Vol 79, No 6 (2004) Editorial Hyperhomocysteinemia and acute phase proteins in various forms of ischemic heart disease
Vol 79, No 9 (2004) Editorial Chronic progressive nephropathies and modern lifestyle
Vol 79, No 9 (2004) Editorial Progressiveazotemia provoked by ACE inhibitor in renal ischemia
Vol 80, No 6 (2008) Editorial Loop diuretics in the treatment of edema: torasemide potentials
Vol 80, No 8 (2008) Editorial Cardiorenal syndrome in ischemic renal disease (atherosclerotic renovascular hypertension)
Vol 83, No 1 (2011) Editorial Apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy associated with HCV infection
Vol 85, No 5 (2013) Editorial Severe adverse events from treatment with genetically engineered biological agents in patients with rheumatic diseases
Vol 86, No 12-2 (2014) Editorial Morphological verification of renal lesion as a compulsory stage in the diagnosis of Fabry disease
Vol 86, No 12-2 (2014) Editorial Поражение сердца при системных васкулитах: патогенетические звенья, значение факторов риска развития сердечно-сосудистых осложнений и диагностика
Vol 86, No 12-2 (2014) Editorial Giant cell arteritis as a cause of fever of unclear genesis in the elderly
Vol 87, No 3 (2015) Editorial Clinical value of surfactant protein D as a biomarker of pulmonary fibrosis in patients with scleroderma systematica in relation to the presence of gastroesophageal reflux
Vol 87, No 6 (2015) Editorial Role of the morphogenetic proteins FGF-23 and Klotho and the glycoprotein sclerostin in the assessment of the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the prognosis of chronic kidney disease
Vol 90, No 1 (2018) Editorial Clinical features of cardiac lesion in patients with generalized sarcoidosis PDF
Vol 90, No 1 (2018) Editorial The modern therapy of systemic vasculitides: perspectives and challenges PDF
Vol 90, No 6 (2018) Editorial Relationship between serologic profile (ANCA type) and clinical features of renal involvement in ANCA-associated vasculitides PDF
Vol 90, No 6 (2018) Editorial Clinical features of kidney involvement in microscopic microscopic polyangiitis PDF
Vol 90, No 12 (2018) Editorial Cornea verticillata in Fabry disease PDF
Vol 91, No 2 (2019) Editorial Efficacy and safety of long-term therapy with nucleos(t)ide analogues in chronic hepatitis B PDF
Vol 90, No 10 (2018) Editorial From Schönlein-Henoch purpura to IgA-vasculitis: pathogenetic aspects of the disease PDF
Vol 91, No 2 (2019) Editorial Risk factors of unfavorable prognosis of chronic hepatitis C PDF
Vol 91, No 1 (2019) Editorial Autoimmune liver disease (primary biliary cholangitis/autoimmune hepatitis-overlap) associated with sarcoidosis (clinical cases and literature review) PDF
Vol 90, No 9 (2018) Editorial Arterial hypertension at the workplace: risk factors and the population value PDF
Vol 91, No 11 (2019) Editorial Antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis C: 30 years success story PDF

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