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Safonova, T N

Issue Section Title File
Vol 78, No 4 (2003) Editorial Sjogren's syndrome in chronic hepatitis C: clinical features and diagnosis
Vol 79, No 8 (2004) Editorial Prognostic implications of mixed monoclonal cryoglobulinemia in Sjogren'sdisease
Vol 81, No 6 (2009) Editorial The role of parotid gland biopsy in early detection of lymphoma in primary Sjogren's syndrome
Vol 82, No 6 (2010) Editorial The first experience in using rituximab in Mikulicz's disease
Vol 84, No 12 (2012) Editorial Rituximab therapy for systemic manifestations and MALT lymphomas of the parotid gland in Sjögren's disease: Preliminary data
Vol 85, No 2 (2013) Editorial IgG4-related disease: patient group characterization and rituximab therapy
Vol 86, No 5 (2014) Editorial Differential diagnosis of rheumatic diseases and blood cancers involving the nasal cavity and accessory sinuses
Vol 87, No 8 (2015) Editorial IgG4-related salivary gland lesions
Vol 87, No 12 (2015) Editorial IgG4-related disease and clonal B-cell lymphoid proliferation: Description of two clinical cases and a review of literature
Vol 88, No 5 (2016) Editorial The differential diagnosis of Erdheim-Chester disease and IgG4-related diseases PDF
Vol 89, No 11 (2017) Editorial Necrotizing sarcoid granulomatosis with clinical presentations of recurrent acute abdomen. Case report and literature review PDF
Vol 90, No 5 (2018) Editorial Diagnosis of IgG4 - related ophthalmic disease in a group of patients with various lesions of the eye and orbits PDF
Vol 91, No 5 (2019) Editorial Clinical and laboratory characteristics of IgG4-realated disease and its diagnostic algorithm PDF

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