Efficacy and safety of the TAIS coronary stent implantation: nine monthmuticenter study


Aim. Assessment of clinical and angiographic results of a balloon-expandable steel matrix stent TAIS
in patients with atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries with no history of previous interventions in the
course of an open non-randomized multicenter trial.
Material and methods. The TAIS stent was implanted in 187patients into 199 stenoses. 47% patients
had clinical manifestations of unstable angina pectoris. 29% cases were complicated. The length of the
stenoses reached 11.3 ± 5.4 mm, 22% stenoses were prolonged.
Results. This coronary stenting was effective in 100% cases, neither acute nor subacute thromboses
were seen. Myocardial infarction without occlusion of the stent developed in 3 patients. The incidence
of cardial complications (death, angina, restenosis, repeated revascularization) in 6 month follow-up
was 11.8%. An angiographic control in 6 months was made in 184 patients (194 stenoses). The vascular
diameter loss index was 0.40 ± 0.21, a restenosis level - 10.7%. A logistic regression analysis has
revealed significant correlations between the length of the stent and a target vascular diameter with
subsequent restenosis. Repeated revascularization was performed in all the patients with stent restenosis.
After control angiography cardiac complications developed in 13.9% patients. Nine month follow-up
registered cardiac complications in 17.6% cases.
Conclusion. The TAIS stent was found effective in prevention of thrombosis and restenosis in patients
with a relatively high risk of intervention


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