Malyshev, N A

Issue Section Title Abstract File
Vol 79, No 4 (2004) Editorial Present-day clinical characteristics of scarlatina Abstract
Vol 79, No 11 (2004) Editorial Invasive streptococcal (group A) infection : outlook on the problem (review) Abstract
Vol 81, No 3 (2009) Editorial Efficacy of ingavirin in influenza treatment in adults Abstract
Vol 81, No 4 (2009) Editorial HCV genome variability in acute and chronic viral hepatitis C Abstract
Vol 82, No 11 (2010) Editorial Outcomes of severe pandemic influenza A/H1N1/2009 Abstract
Vol 83, No 9 (2011) Editorial Pandemic flu in Russia: special features of a clinical course and the absence of early etiotropic therapy as a risk factor of severe forms of the disease Abstract
Vol 86, No 10 (2014) Editorial The 2013-2014 epidemic season. Hospital monitoring and antiviral therapy for influenza Abstract
Vol 86, No 11 (2014) Editorial Clinical features of pertussis in adults Abstract
Vol 88, No 11 (2016) Editorial The 2015-2016 epidemic season in Russia and the world: Circulation of influenza viruses, trends in incidence, clinical aspects, and treatment algorithm Abstract PDF

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