Positive effect of low-activity thromboxane A synthase 1 gene on prognosis in coronary heart disease


Aim. To analyze the influence of pharmacogenetic factors on the risk of clopidogrel resistance and cardiovascular events during 18-months follow-up. Subjects and methods. Two hundred and fifty patients taking clopidogrel were examined. Platelet function was determined by optical aggregometry. Thromboxane A synthase 1 (TBS1) gene polymorphism was investigated in all the patients. The impact of TBS1 gene polymorphism on the risk of clopidogrel resistance and cardiovascular events was analyzed during 18 months of follow-up. Results. The carriage of TBS1 gene polymorphism AA was shown to affect the risk of clopidogrel resistance. Cardiovascular complications significantly less frequently occurred in TBS1 gene polymorphism AA carriers during 18 months. Conclusion. The carriage of a slow AA allele of the TBS1 gene is suggested to be a clinically significant protective factor in the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease

About the authors

F Yu Kopylov

D F Mesitskaya

Yu M Nikitina

M G Aksenova

A V Dobrovolsky

O V Lomakin

O V Chernyi


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