The clinical and hemostasiological features of chronic hepatitides of different genesis


AIM. To comparatively characterize clinical, biochemical, and hemostasiological parameters in patients with chronic alcoholic hepatitis (CAH) and chronic mixed hepatitis (CMH), i.e. CAH + chronic hepatitis C. MATERIALS AND METHODS. Sixty-three patients (mean age 39.05±4.95 years) with chronic hepatitides of different etiology, who underwent general clinical, biochemical, and hemostasiological studies, were examined. RESULTS. The frequency and duration of major clinical symptoms were maximally pronounced in the patients with CMH. Aspartate aminotransferase concentrations were significantly decreased only in the patients with CAH, remaining at higher levels in CMH. The activity of γ-glutamyl transpeptidase was twice higher in CAH. In the patients of both groups, the total concentration of nitrates and nitrites was recorded within the normal range and the activity of von Willebrand factor was significantly higher than normal. The aggregation of platelets and erythrocytes in the patients of all the groups was significantly lower than that in the healthy individuals, but differed at different disease stages. CONCLUSION. CMH was ascertained to have a more severe course. The hemostatic system did not significantly depend on the etiology of hepatitis, but was variable in different periods of various hepatitides.

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A R Bilalova

V V Makashova


O S Astrina

N I Aleshina

A I Florianu


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