Outpatient prophylaxis and treatment of arterial hypertension with application of mobile telephone systems and internet techniques

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Aim. To compare clinical efficacy of standard outpatient follow-up of hypertensive patients with efficacy of such follow-up with application of internet techniques and mobile telephone systems (ITMTS).
Material and methods. Two groups of hypertensive patients were examined: group 1 (n = 97, 45% females, age 49±11 years) on one-year ITMTS follow-up; group 2 (n = 102, 50% females, age 51±11 years) on standard one-year follow-up. Clinical efficacy was assessed by the rate of achievement and maintenance of target blood pressure, dynamics of modifiable risk factors (smoking, obesity) for a year.
Results. Withdrawal in group 1 was 36%, target blood pressure was achieved in 77% patients vs 12% in group 2 (p < 0.001).
Conclusion. Introduction of ITMTS technologies into outpatient clinics activity considerably raises efficacy of outpatient treatment of hypertensive patients.

About the authors

Anton Robertovich Kiselev

Email: antonkis@list.ru

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Shvarts

Ol'ga Mikhaylovna Posnenkova

Vladimir Ivanovich Gridnev

Email: gridnev@san.ru

Pavel Yakovlevich Dovgalevskiy

Elena Vladimirovna Oshchepkova

Svetlana Evgen'evna Evstifeeva

A R Kiselev

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

V A Shvarts

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

O M Posnenkova

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

V I Gridnev

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

P Ya Dovgalevsky

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

Research Institute of Cardiology, Saratov

E V Oschepkova

Russian Cardiology Research Center, Moscow

Russian Cardiology Research Center, Moscow

S E Evstifeeva

Russian Cardiology Research Center, Moscow

Russian Cardiology Research Center, Moscow


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Copyright (c) 2011 Kiselev A.R., Shvarts V.A., Posnenkova O.M., Gridnev V.I., Dovgalevskiy P.Y., Oshchepkova E.V., Evstifeeva S.E., Kiselev A.R., Shvarts V.A., Posnenkova O.M., Gridnev V.I., Dovgalevsky P.Y., Oschepkova E.V., Evstifeeva S.E.

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