Significance of damage index in prediction of systemic lupus erythematosus outcome

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Aim. To determine the significance of the damage index (SLICC/ACR DI) in the prognosis of the outcome of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
Materials and methods. Correlations between the disease activity, cumulative damage and outcome were studied in 103 patients with SLE divided into two groups by the disease duration (21 to 60 months - group 1, 62 to 488 months - group 2). SLE activity was determined by Nasonova's classification, SLEDAI-1 and ECLAM. Cumulative damage was assessed by the damage index (systemic lupus international collaborating clinics/'ACR damage index).
Results. We found the direct correlation between the age of the disease onset, SLE duration, degree of SLE activity and the damage index and between the maximal dose of glucocorticosteroids and the damage index. Conclusion. The results indicate that SLICC/ACR DI may be useful for outcome prediction in SLE.


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