Incidence and characteristics of complications in aplastic anemia patients treated with antilymphocytic globulin

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Aim. To examine frequency and characteristic features of complications arising in administration of
domestic antilymphocytic globulin (ALG) in patients with aplastic anemia (AA).
Material and methods. From 1980 to 2000 125patients with AA were treated with ALG made in Russia.
Two and three courses of ALG were performed in 25 and 8 patients, respectively.
Results. The treatment was complicated most often with allergic reactions (AR) observed in 42.4% patients,
hemorrhagic syndrome (HS) and infectious complications (1С). Goat ALG was more allergic
than rabbit ALG (46.2 vs 34.6%, respectively). If the second course was made with ALG of the same
kind, AR occurred in 37.5% patients while ALG of the different kind produced complications only in
11.8% patients. HS was recorded in 37.3% patients , its frequency was unrelated to ALG kind and
was not severe (71.2%). 1С occurred in 16.5% patients, their occurrence was also unrelated to the
ALG kind and were of the first degree in 63.6%.
Conclusion. Domestic ALG often results in AR. To reduce frequency and severity of complications in
ALG treatment, it is recommended to use long intravenous infusions (12-18 h) and change ALG kind
in subsequent ALG courses.


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