The 2015 Federal Clinical Guidelines for Antimicrobial Therapy and Prevention of Infections of the Kidney, Urinary Tract, and Male Genitals


This paper reviews the latest federal guidelines published in 2015. Emphasis is placed on the etiology and pathogenesis of uncomplicated lower urinary tract infection (uLUTI). There are data of the last Russian Darmis-2011 study of urinary tract infection pathogens and their resistance to essential antibiotics. The paper reveals the causes of persistence of uropathogenic Escherichia coli, the main pathogen of uLUTI, and shows the occurrence of intracellular bacterial communities in the superficial layer of the bladder mucosa, which are characteristic of recurrent cystitis. There are justified treatment and prevention regimens using both first-line and alternative drugs for uLUTI and recurrent iLUTI.

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T S Perepanova


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