Radiofrequency ablation of the ectopic activity zone in a patient with long-standing chronic right-side inferioatrial tachycardia

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Aim. To illustrate feasibility of successful correction of chronic long-standing right-side inferioatrial tachycardia (RIT).
Material and methods. A case report of examination and effective treatment of long-standing RIT. The diagnosis was made after ECG, Holter ECG monitoring, Doppler echocardiography, endocardial electrophysiological examination, analysis of the disease history.
Results. Conservative treatment proved low effective. Imaging diagnostic methods and x-ray surgery (radiofrequency ablation of the ectopic activity zone) were leading techniques.
Conclusion. If a patient is operated (radiofrequency ablation) early, he will not have to take long-term treatment with antiarrhythmic drugs and will be able to live without limitations deteriorating his quality of life.


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