Cardiovascular risk in psoriatic arthritis


Aim. To evaluate cardiovascular risk in psoriatic arthritis (PA).
Material and methods. The examination covered 61 PA patients (52.9% females) aged 30-55 years and 45 controls without inflammatory and degeneratory diseases matched by gender, age and body mass. Standard cardiovascular risk factors were analysed. C-reactive protein was measured with a highly sensitive method. Carotid arteries were subjected to duplex scanning.
Results. PA patients had a high cardiovascular risk. Dyslipidemia manifested with a high total cholesterol, LDLP cholesterol which correlated with inflammation activity. PA was more frequently associated with subclinical atherosclerosis and atherosclerotic plaques.
Conclusion. Chronic immune inflammation underlying pathogenesis of PA contributes to development of early atherosclerosis and its complications. A high cardiovascular risk is a constituent of PA which had an impact on long-term prognosis of this disease.


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