Hypomagnesemia in patients with chronic alcoholism in thecourse of alcohol withdrawal syndrome

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Aim. To ascertain hypomagnesemia (HM) rate in patients with chronic alcoholism (CA) with alcohol
withdrawal syndrome (AWS); correlation between AWS severity and HM rate.
Material and methods. Mg in plasm was measured at photometry in 129 CA patients treated in Kaunas
Mental Hospital.
Results. Plasma Mg in CA patients with A WS was reduced (< 0.749 mmol/l), normal (0.750-1.250
mmol/l) or high (> 1.251 mmol/l) in 28.7, 65.1 and 6.2% patients, respectively. HM was diagnosed
in 42.3% with a severe, 19.1% with a moderate and 20.0% with weak AWS.
Conclusion. HM in AWS was registered in 28.7% patients. It occurred significantly more frequently
(p < 0.05) in patients with a severe AWS. Pathogenetic mechanisms of HM in AWS are described


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