Pharmacotherapy of acute tonsillopharyngitis in outpatient setting: results of a multicenter pharmacoepidemiological study


Aim. To analyse current practice of pharmacotherapy (PT) in outpatient treatment of acute tonsillopharyngitis (ATP) in different regions of Russia.
Material and methods. Case repords for 1333 outpatients (493 male and 840 female, age 16-76 years) with ATP from 7 cities of Russia have been studied. Each ATP case was documented on a special chart to contain the following information: demographic data, history of the disease, bacteriological findings, FT regimens, complications, treatment outcomes.
Results. FT of ATP was made primarily with antibiotics. Most frequent of them was ampicillin (about half the cases). Further antibiotics by frequency of use were: erythromycin, ciprofloxacin, doxicyclin, amoxicillin, midecamycin, ampicillin/oxacillin. Among other drugs, wide use was registered of antihistamine drugs, throat disease drugs, analgetic and antipiretic drugs, vitamins. Bacteriological examinations were conducted rarely.
Conclusion. The problems ofFTofATP patients consist in overuse of systemic antibiotics as a result of adequate differential diagnosis of this infection and choice of antibiotics without consideration of current recommendations on the treatment of streptococcal ATP.


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