Administration of essential phospholipids in persons exposed to chemical industrial pollutants


Aim. To examine efficacy of the drug essitver-forte in patients with chronic intoxication by a complex of such toxicants as soluble and unsoluble compounds of uranium, lead and mercury. Material and methods. The examination of bilirubin, synthesis of proteins and enzyme production by the liver, activity of free radical lipid oxidation and antioxidant defence was conducted in 42 persons (mean age 66,4 ± 4.2 years) occupationally exposed to chemicals (compounds of uranium, lead and mercury) for 12.6 ± 1.8 years. The patients were divided into two equal groups: patients of group 1 received standard therapy with enterosorbents, cerebral angioprotectors and alpha-tocopherol; patients of group 2 instead of alpha-tocopherol were given essliver-forte (2 capsules twice a day). Results. Patients of group 2 had significantly less frequent complaints for fatigue, anxiety, dyspnea, sleep disorders; improvement was observed in peripheral blood counts, in concentrations of alpha2and gamma-globulins, sulfhydril and catalase activity of erythrocytes; transaminase activity and intensity of saponin hemolysis went down. Conclusion. Essliver-forte is effective in persons occupationally exposed to chemicals.

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L A Shpagina

S V Bobrov


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