Clinical picture of tuberculosis in its combination with hemoblastoses


Aim. To study clinical symptoms, course and diagnosis of tuberculosis in patients with hemoblastosis (HB).
Material and methods. 79 patients with tuberculosis and HB were examined. HB was represented by lymphoproliferative diseases (n = 61), acute leukemia (n - 4), chronic myeloproliferative diseases (n = 14).
Results. Pulmonary tuberculosis was in 61 (77.2%) patients: in 46 with lymphoproliferative disease (LPD), 4 with acute leukemia (AL) and 11 with myeloproliferative disease(MPD). Generalized tuberculosis was detected in 8 (10.1%) patients (7 with LPD and I with MPD) and extrapulmonary tuberculosis was in 10 (12.7%) patients (8 with LPD and 2 with MPD). Infiltrative, disseminated and military tuberculosis of the lungs developed in 55.7, 6.6 and 1.6% HB patients.
Conclusion. Persistent fever in HВ patients may point to developing tuberculosis infection. Fever syndrome and intoxication in patients with HB remission may serve a diagnostic marker of tuberculosis.


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