Development of approaches to enhancing adherence of patients withhuman immunodeficiency virus infection to antiretrovirustherapy


Aim. To study approaches to enhancing adherence of HIV-infected patients receiving antiretrovirus
Materials and methods. 25patients (including 3 females) aged 18 to 45 years receiving VAART (fortovasa + norvir + videx, and viramun) were examined. While treating the patients, group classes were
conducted to enhance their adherence to the therapy, followed by individual consultations in order to
consolidate the obtained effect. The adherence to the therapy was rated by the patients' self-reports.
Results. There was an increase in the activity and openness of those who attended group classes and
positive changes in their self-assessment. Approaches to enhancing adherence and a model of school
for HIV-infected individuals were developed.
Conclusion. It has been shown that a combination of patients' awareness of different HlV-infectionassociated problems with consulting allows treatment motivation to be increased.


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