Dynamic changes in synovitis activity after intraarticular administration of xefocam in rheumatoid arthritis patients according to clinical and device examinations


Aim. To assess efficacy of intraarticular administration oflornoxicam (xefocam) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
Material and methods. Xefocam was injected into the knee joints of 58 patients with RA once a week for 3 weeks in a dose 8 mg. The treatment efficacy was evaluated by changes in the severity of arthralgias, pain in the joints at palpation, circumference of the knee joints at the level of the upper edge of the patella, ultrasound and thermography of the knee joints.
Results. Xefocam relieved arthralgia (in 44 patients at least by 30%), pain in the joints at palpation and joint circumference. Ultrasound investigation registered a significant thinning of the synovial membrane and amount of exudates.
Conclusion. If local steroid therapy is not definitely indicated, intraarticular administration of xefocam can be effectively used for suppression of moderate inflammation in the joints in RA patients.

About the authors

R M Balabanova

T P Fedina

V V Tsurko

E S Much

N A Khitrov

L A Agapova

Yu A Olyunin

O V Pushkova

N P Apenysheva


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